Meet Your Options Trading Coach

Since 1998 I have professionally traded stocks, options, futures and FX and provided personal options trading coaching to many students (including beginners, stock brokers, financial advisers and hedge fund managers) from many countries. 

Many of my students eventually became my friends, and we stay in touch long after their personal options trading coaching is completed. They tell me that my options trading expertise and my options trade coaching are complemented by my personable, approachable nature, healthy sense of humor, and my emphasis on improving their trading psychology (the mindset).

I earned my Ph.D. at the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering in Russia. While in Russia, I invented, built, and tested life support and recycling systems for space and deep ocean programs.

After immigrating to the United States (with the help of senators Ted Kennedy and Jacob Javits), I enjoyed a successful career in engineering and project management with American and international corporations (including NASA and McDonnell Douglas) and succeeded in patenting one of my inventions.

In 1997 I took a one-year sabbatical to study the business of trading options, futures, indexes and stocks, so I could make my money work for me. My best mentors were professional options traders – people who risk their own money.

It gives me great satisfaction to see my students succeed to become financially secure and  have more time to enjoy life.  

Learn to trade options one-on-one with me, your personal options trading coach. Let’s Make Money Together!