The following testimonials are direct quotes of the comments placed by my students and clients, who for the last 10 years voted me #1 Educational Coach at Interactive Brokers Investors’ Marketplace.So far I have over 368 testimonials – all positive. If you want to see the latest testimonials, please visit the Education and Coaches section of the above mentioned site.

Disclaimer: I am not a broker, and I am not associated with any broker in any way.

Trading live markets with Boris confirmed my belief in trading/investing as a profitable business. Jane, London, UK

Boris is very precise and clear in conveying his methodology. Easy to follow and understand. I am planning to sign up for more sessions.Anthony, New York, USA.

An excellent coach, communicates clearly and much better than any webinars in being fit for purpose & gradually build upon it.  
Raj, Malaysia.

I am a beginner. Boris is a great beginner coach. Teaches you the basics of trading options and futures and how to protect yourself on the downside.  Rob, Texas, USA.

Boris is the “THE MENTOR” for trading financial instruments.
 R. Cemovic, Switzerland.

Great mentor, has taught me what mistakes I’m making, and what I should be doing to correct them. Drew, Seattle, Washington, USA

A very visual and interactive learning process and a must to kick start both market and IB knowledge. Ed, Ireland.

Boris does an excellent job at focusing the student on their rationale for executing trades, what actions are to be taken. Don, Canada.

Boris has given me a systematic approach to investing and has shown me how to limit potential losses. I feel good about the direction we are going. Bernie, Ohio, USA.

Boris is an awesome teacher with emphasis on discipline and risk mgmt. I enjoy his mentoring very much and look forward to a continued relationship. Peter, Canada.

Excellent training in the trader’s psychology. Practical and logical approach to the business of generating profits. Jeremy, MA, USA.

Boris has a very comprehensive knowledge of the market. Brilliant ideas and techniques of coaching. California, USA.

I just started with Boris, but so far he has made some very good recommendations on educational materials. Jenny, California, USA.

Very practical mentoring. Rami, Cairo, Egypt.

Boris is an excellent mentor. I highly recommend him as a trading coach. Ruth, London, England.

Great one-on-one coaching to get into the mechanics of trading.Highly recommended to anyone looking to enhance his knowledge on trading. Thank you. Arun, Frankfurt, Germany.

Boris is a very good teacher with sound trading principles. His patience and knowledge provide a tremendous learning environment. Craig, California, USA.

A very nice and experienced coach. An asset to anyone who really wants personal attention to their investing. Christine, Nevada, USA.