Options Trading Coach

Profitably trade stocks, options and futures in any market (bull, bear or flat) one-on-one with me, Boris Gurevich, Ph.D., contributor to Money Radio Show, Fox Business TV. For the last 10 years voted #1 Educational Coach by clients of Interactive Brokers, the largest online broker in the world. Since 1998 I provide personal coaching to beginners, stock brokers, financial advisers and hedge fund managers from many countries. 

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Options Trading Coach| Coach for Trading Options.
Options Trading Coach

How are my services different from the stereotypical webinars, group coaching and the so-called “trading systems”? Simple: you are learning
one-on-one with a professional by trading stocks, options and futures in live markets.
Trading is not rocket science. It’s a skill which involves strong emotions: greed, fear, hope. My primary role is to be your mentor in managing your emotions by hedging (protecting) each of your positions and/or the total portfolio with options. The strategy is simple: maximize the profits and minimize the losses. My private options trading coaching is specifically adjusted to your goals, your mindset and your unique personality.

What is my coaching method?
You and I see each other’s monitors online. Together, we trade stocks, options and futures in live markets. If you are a beginner, I will guide you in setting up your trading platform. We start by trading my personal simulated account or your simulated (“paper money”) account, so you do not risk your capital while you are still new to investing and trading. You follow my trading on screen and we discuss how I choose stocks, options and futures for my portfolio. If you already have your positions in the market, we will analyze your investment strategy and trading tactics, including protecting (hedging) your positions and the total portfolio with options. That is how professionals hedge their profits and minimize their taxes. I coach you to do the same.

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