Options Trading Coach

Voted #1 Options Trading Coach for the last 10 years by clients of Interactive Brokers, the largest international online broker.

Options Trading Coach| Coach for Trading Options.

Profitably trade stocks, options and futures in any market (long, short or flat) with me, Boris Gurevich, PhD, contributor to Money Radio Show, FOX business TV.

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What will you learn?

In the age of machine trading, the “buy and hold” method is dead! When the market is trending down, hoping for the best and
losing money is not the strategy for success!

You will learn how to protect (hedge) your stocks and your total portfolio with options.
That is how professionals limit losses and minimize taxes. I will coach you to do the same.

You will also learn the advantages and techniques of trading options and options spreads (debit and credit). You will learn to trade index and stocks options credit spreads with the most advantageous risk/reward ratio (and minimum time required in front of computer)!

How will I coach you?

You and I will watch each others’ monitors online. Together, we will trade stocks, options and futures in live markets (long, short and flat).

If you are a beginner, I will guide you in setting up your trading platform. We will start by trading my personal simulated account (“paper money”) or your simulated account. This way you do not risk your capital while you are still new to investing and trading.
We will discuss how I choose stocks, options and futures for my portfolio. You will follow my trading on your monitor and practice choosing and protecting your stocks and options. Together, we will decide when you are ready to trade your funded account.

If you already have experience in trading and investing, you and I will adjust your investing strategy and trading tactics using the best and the latest hedging methods to protect your stocks portfolio with options.

Trading is not rocket science!

It’s a skill which involves strong emotions: greed, fear, hope. My one-on-one options trading coaching is specifically adjusted to your needs, your mindset and your unique personality.
I will train you to manage your emotions by hedging (protecting) your portfolio with options.

If you are a disciplined and knowledgeable investor/trader, you should be able to outperform the majority of brokers, advisers, mutual funds, hedge funds, annuities and bonds.

Let’s Make Money Together!

Request your FREE consultation with me, your Options Trading Coach. Or call 949 246 9040 (or use WhatsApp) 9 am-6 pm California time .
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